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Why do actors spend so much time devoted to voice and speech training; yet, so many public speakers and business entrepreneurs think it is not needed? The answer is quite simple: actors recognize that they are in the business using their voice and speech skills to generate income and art. Most public speakers have not considered how valuable this training is.
The bottom line of your business is how effectively you use your voice. If you take the time to receive accurate training and coaching to improve your vocal quality, you will master the three key fundamentals: breath controls, quality tones, and crystal enunciation. 

The first actor’s training fundamental is breath movement with your ribs. What a treat it is when you develop your diaphragmatic breathing method so that you have firm control of how to manipulate your breath and create sensitivity in your message. You will have the power of movement of every muscle working for your expression, and projection without ever having any shortness of breath or strain of delivery.

Secondly, your body is your instrument that needs care and tuning in order to emit the sounds that are the extension of what you want to achieve. Training shows you what to tune and how to tune it.  An actor learns how to manipulate his resonator cavities of the chest, pharynx, mouth, and nose to be flexible and produce well-rounded tones. Knowing these skills will give you the confidence to avoid muffled, throaty, or too nasal a sound. The individual configuration of size and shape of your resonators will affect your pitch, and musicality of tone. You will go from boring to dynamic with this training.

The third fundamental actor’s voice training includes perfecting enunciation of consonants and vowels so every word has clarity of sound and meaning. Combining this with the correct pace and knowing where, when, and why to pause which brings a hypnotic empathy to capture the audience’s mind, heart, and spirit. The actor’s training of voice for the public and business speaker is a combination of techniques that emote a compelling speech to create a connection and movement between you and your listener as you experience the energy together.
Don’t become routine and lifeless; hone your voice and speech skills just as the actor does by taking the time to understand how your voice nuances work individually. Then practice until it becomes second nature. This is not a quick-fix investment; but definitely well worth the effort and time, because you will encompass this knowledge and training skills for the rest of your life.
If you are willing to invest in your business, then you need to invest in yourself; after all, your voice is your business.


Voice training for actors

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