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A safe space where people can play and learn with...

The theatre
is a place where people
strive for beauty and truth.

The stage is a fantastic arena
of learning and discovery,
as well as a source of enjoyment and fun.






We often forget that the actor (and the director), before and during the performance on the stage, goes through an intense and complex training process, where he has to practice all the skills which will enable him to give a satisfactory performance. The rules of this complex work are suggested by the place where everything takes place: the stage, which is anthropologically and socially seen as the space of possibility, of hypothesis, (in contrast with the space of reality). The stage is a protected space where the community accepts things that wouldn’t be accepted elsewhere, or that would lead to uneasiness or disorder.

The same opportunities to start a training activity by exploiting the protection of the stage can be offered to people who want to try out the “space of possibility”, forgetting about idleness, reserve, unaware resistance met during a traditional learning process. Thus, the stage becomes a place of possible discovery of oneself and of one’s potential, where the participant will follow a training process that is similar to the one the actor does on himself, working at a deeper level on the aspects that make up a person as a whole, developing self-awareness, learning to respect the others, their potential and uniqueness.

Theatre is offering people  the potential of its “protected space” (the stage) and theatre methodology can help to create training activities which will exploit its intrinsic strength, the possibility to be “elsewhere” in order to look more closely at oneself.

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