workshops for pedagogues


This workshop lasts 20/30 hours

The seminar aims to lead participants to discover how to use drama as a tool for supporting school learning. Work will be based on common subjects in primary and secondary school curricula.

Can drama be used to support teaching? Can subjects such as Maths, Physics, Science, Foreign Languages, History, Geography and Philosophy be taught by using drama?
Our experience says they can. After so many years working in a lot of primary and secondary schools, together with teachers, Head teachers and students, we have developed a teaching method that makes use of drama techniques to complement and support the learning process.
The objective of this seminar is to study this methodology thoroughly in order to plan projects and teaching units for each subject to be used in class by teachers who are willing to experiment this kind of work with their students.

Theory and practical lessons will develop the following topics:

  • - study of the theories about elementary learning processes
  • - understanding the mechanisms of stress reduction related to learning: how to build an atmosphere that can help the learning process
  • - helping teachers to focus on the core topics of their subjects in order to find a reason for learning them: the importance of the question “why?”
  • - analysis  (through practical exercises and activities ) of the peculiarity of drama as a tool for helping the learning process: multiple intelligences
  • - assessment of the educational potential of time and space coordinates and scientific analysis of the acting activity on the stage
  • - identifying the main elements of a “stage grammar” in order to create a new grammar of teaching with them
  • - building teaching units from a series of interviews carried out by primary and secondary school teachers.

Drama and teaching
The pedagogy of drama to support school learning.
Methodology and practice.


This seminar lasts 20/30 hours

The seminar aims to initiate participants into the complex world of corporate training for managers and professionals by using theatre methodology as a powerful metaphor of the dynamics within a team at work.
Starting from an anthropological and historical analysis of drama as a social and expressive activity, the seminar will analyse the methodological basis developed by European leaders in the field of management training, in order to find the similarities between theatrical training and corporate training. The seminar will end with the creation of a training project which will use drama  to deal with the issues of an avarage company  located in the area.

Theatre and company: two worlds that don’t seem to have much in common, much to exchange, with a different history, tradition, function and social role.  Relationships between each other might be limited to mutual observation.

However, in this complexity, each one has a lot of hidden possibilities where similarities can easily be found and where drama can become a useful tool for  learning and developing ideas: the space of training. 

Theoretical and practical lessons will develop the following topics:

  • - study of the anthropological basis of theatre and theory of “protected space”
  • - analysis of the principles of corporate training related to theatre training
  • - comparison of the various methodologies of “corporate theatre” used in Europe and in the world today
  • - thorough analysis of the methodology  of the Anglo-Saxon school (subject-matter of our study): theory, creation of specific projects, practice
  • - theatre workshop where participants will directly try out this method by experimenting the techniques of “corporate theatre” on themselves
  • - analysis and  decoding of the theatre workshop through a careful interpretation of every exercise, in order to find out the methodological reasons behind it
  • - comparative analysis of three projects carried out in the corporate world (Banca Intesa San Paolo, Microsoft, Heineken) which are examples of three different approaches in using theatre methodology
  • - participants set up a pilot project on a company of their area focussing on:
  1. analysis of the starting situation and of explicit and implicit needs
  2. assessment of the quality of the commitment
  3. outline of the main objectives and of the strategies to write down a project
  4. study and setting up of a training project with theatre methodology
  5. presentation of the project

Theatre and corporate training
Theory, methodology and practice.
Methodology and practice.