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workshops for stage designer

let's popup!

How could we buld a  stage set using the popup technic

The purpose of the workshop is to arrive at a final set design for an actual production using the "popup" technic.


This is a theatre set designing workshop for set designers with background and little experience in the field. The workshop is a weekend course, with the emphasis on a practical, hands-on, intensive learning experience.

Along with a general introduction to set designing for performances, the workshop will

  • Give the basic knowledges about the "popup technic"
  • Train the ability of the participants to build "popup" paper models
  • Discuss types of theatres and stage structures,
  • Focus on a set designing perspective of the theatre types,
  • Discuss the approach for designing theatre sets for drama and plays,
  • Focus on physically designing a set for the given script as a part of workshop and lot more.

Project work will cover the analysis of a script to establish scenic breakdown as well as the character breakdown chart, historical research, 2D and 3D creative interpretation and concept development, storyboarding, the scaled 3D model along with the role and responsibility of design pre-production and in production. The participant will complete the workshop with a combination of practical understanding of the requirements for set design and a portfolio of project work reflecting the designer's creative process.

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