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workshops for students

Theatre workshops

discovering together how much fun we can have playing theatre! 

We offer two different types of workshop formats:

Workshops (as part of a school's regular theatre activity)

Project Workshop (as part of international theatre projects)

Since workshop is very flexible format, we can realize and plan many different kinds of workshops.


As said, workshops are flexible and can be adjusted to the students'/teachers' needs and interests. Possible workshop content includes:

  • warm-up games and activities
  • physical exercises to improve body awareness and control
  • body language, postures, gestures
  • discipline of the body
  • voice games and exercises about volume, pitch, intonation
  • acting basics
  • improvising
  • developing scenes
  • building characters
  • playwriting basics

Theatre workshops are suitable for students of all ages and can be adapted to be just right for any age-group or combination of age-group.

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